Recent SERDP Award Establishes NGS at the Forefront of PFAS Research!

Establishing an Approach to PFAS Forensics a PFAS Source Materials Forensic Library (ER20-C5-1121)

Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) has awarded NGS an Environmental Restoration effort to provide a publicly available forensic library of PFAS source materials and a framework for approaching PFAS forensics at contaminated sites.

Given the widespread use of PFAS-containing materials and the growing litigation over their presence in the environment, there is a clear and immediate need for PFAS source attribution, particularly for PFOA and PFOS. The three steps to achieving this include: 1) establishing a PFAS forensic library of source materials; 2) validating PFAS forensic approach using environmental samples and determining the extent to which forensic information is preserved in environmental samples; and 3) characterizing changes to select PFAS forensic signatures associated with environmental fate and transport.

NGS, along with our partners Alpha Analytical, Northeastern University and Notre Dame, look forward to executing this effort over the coming months. Check back for updates.

More details can be found at HERE. For more information please reach out to Mark Benotti or Kandi Brown.